Aquatic Care

Aquatic Care in Trivandrum specialises in designing swimming pools that add beauty to your home. High-quality craftsmanship is what sets us apart from other swimming pool builders in Kerala. Extensive research and long experience have enabled us to develop the most modern and innovative range of swimming pools in India. We offer competitive pricing that suits every budget.

At Aquatic Care, we use superior products that are combined with the latest technology to offer innovative pools that take your breath away. Our unrivalled expertise and stringent quality control measures ensure you a safe space to unwind.

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We provide a wide range of swimming pool equipment and swimming pool accessories like pumps, pre-filters, filters, underwater lights, basin equipment, packaged filtration units, retro-fit filtration equipment, ladders, handrails, disinfection equipment, chemicals and test kits, etc.

We also provide spa/jacuzzi equipment. Our products ensure you superior comfort and relaxation. Our products include readymade units, steam sauna equipment, spa pumps, air blowers, underwater lights, etc.

Fountains are the other area we specialise in. Our fountains beautify your homes and office spaces and help you unwind. We create floating fountains, water curtains, laminar jet and jumping jet fountains, musical fountains, and static fountains. We also deal in fountain accessories like nozzles, underwater lights, LED-based colour changing lights, etc.

Vacuum Head

4523 /-

LED RGB Fountain Light

3850 /-

Vacuum Head

2800 /-

Pool Lights LED 14.4 Watt

4500 /-

Life Bouy Ring

4200 /-

VacuumHead Alumunium

6800 /-

Pump 1 HP

12000 /-

Leaf Net

980 /-

Vacuum Hose

5100 /-

Aluminium Wall Brush

1200 /-

Pool Test Kit

850 /-

Swimming Pool Ladder

17500 /-