We at Aquatic Care Water Management are seasoned service providers in the water space. At present, we offer the complete package in pool maintenance and repairs in Kerala. With our dedicated team of technicians, we offer prompt and effective service to keep you swimming all year long. We also offer quick pool repairs so as to not keep you away from the water for too long. Renovation and restoration of old pools is one of our specialties. We can upgrade your current swimming pool by installing newer equipment, renovating the decks and giving your pool a facelift. We use technologies like Fluidized Aerobic Bioreactor, Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film, Anaerobic Systems, Tertiary Treatment Systems, Natural Systems, UVF Systems, MBBR Systems, etc.

We also specialise in designing water treatment systems for apartments, homes, institutions and industries in Kerala. Managing waste water and purifying untreated water become easy once you choose our services. We design end-to-end water treatment solutions based on each project's needs. Our small, medium and large-scale water treatment plants are cost-effective and of high quality. From centralised water purifiers to commercial Reverse Osmosis plants to salt water desalination plants, we do it all.

  swimming pool Construction & filtration

To keep you swimming all year long we offer thorough filtration of pool water with the latest technology. We provide superior quality pre-filters, pumps and other equipment.

  Swimming pool amc & Cleaning Equipments

Be it creating a new pool or renovating an old one, our use of advanced technology and the finest material combined with the latest designs set us apart from the rest.

  Swimming pool maintenance & chemical supply

We have a dedicated team to take care of your annual maintenance requirements. We undertake chemical treatment services to disinfect the water, maintain pH level,etc.

  Residential & commercial water treatment

Managing waste water and purifying untreated water become easy once you choose our services. Our periodic chlorination services are tailor-made to suit the needs of each home and apartment.

  Fountain & water features

Fountains are the another area we specialise in. Our wide variety of fountains beautify your homes and office spaces and help you unwind.